8 June 2012

Happy Hour at Glamour Bar // Shanghai

If I gave you £1, what would you spend it on?

Well, apparently at Glamour Bar, you can get a glass of champagne and a foie gras lollipop

18 April 2012

Shanghai Fashion Week

What girl doesn’t want to go to Fashion Week?

12 March 2012

El Willy // Shanghai

Although it's our last stop of Restaurant Week, it’s certainly not the least!

9 March 2012

Wei Jing Ge 蔚景閣 // Shanghai

Word got around about all the restaurants we were gorging at trying out, that a few more of us decided to tag along.

8 March 2012

Sir Elly's // Shanghai

We were back for day 3 of Restaurant Week at The Peninsula. This time, at Sir Elly’s.

7 March 2012

Yi Long Court 逸龍閣 // Shanghai

I might be Eurasian but my tummy is truly Cantonese.

6 March 2012

Table No. 1 // Shanghai

I was so excited when I first heard about Restaurant Week. A whole week where Shanghai’s best and finest serve meals at student prices? Let’s be honest, that would send any foodie into a tizzy!


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