8 March 2012

Sir Elly's // Shanghai

We were back for day 3 of Restaurant Week at The Peninsula. This time, at Sir Elly’s.

Hillary and I arrived very late (Shanghai traffic’s a killer), and were quickly shown to our seats just before last orders. Unlike yesterday’s dim sum, we switched it up and had Western.

It didn’t get off to a good start. Our bread was so so dry. I had the sourdough, which I could’ve probably chucked at the window and broken it!

However the courses that followed made up for the bread blip. First up: tomato confit and mozzarella. Sounds simple, but the gin consommé was to die for (and that’s not the student in me talking!)

Hillary had ricotta gnocchi and asparagus, which wasn’t as much of a hit.

For our mains, we both went for organic chicken. You’ve got to choose organic when you’re in a city like Shanghai!

Weirdly, it was the basil crust which was the best part of the dish. I never knew basil could taste so good.

The pudding that arrived was as intricate as it sounded, noir Manjari mousse, smoked cherry and cherry ice cream.

It was devilish and tasty, the chocolate bonbon especially, which flooded your mouth with even more melted chocolate when the paper-thin chocolate walls cracked.

It wasn’t as good as Yi Long Court, but it’s still worth a visit. Though take note, this one is not for the superstitious. Sir Elly’s is based on the 13th floor!

Tomorrow, we’re heading to another Chinese restaurant also on the Bund. Check out all of us (stuffing our faces) at Wei Jing Ge in the Waldorf Astoria.

* Sorry if the photos are a bit rubbish, I was using my phone!


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