6 March 2012

Table No. 1 // Shanghai

I was so excited when I first heard about Restaurant Week. A whole week where Shanghai’s best and finest serve meals at student prices? Let’s be honest, that would send any foodie into a tizzy!

So I may have gone a little overboard… I booked a restaurant for every day of the week. I’ve got to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes along after all! I’ve also been meaning to try some of these places for a while.

First stop? Table No. 1, a rather trendy establishment by Jason Atherton. I guess it has to be cool if you’re going to be based at Cool Docks.

I’ve been here before for supper with the fam. Uncle Sunny, Aunty Monica and my cousin Andrew are based here, so it’s great to have a bit of familiarity (and some jolly good home cooking!) This time I dragged along a couple of friends, Hannah and Rupert. We were all missing good ol’ British food and wanted something fancier than your run-of-the-mill 15 RMB (£1.50) Chinese dining experience.

My first course was the very prettily plated salmon tartar and quails eggs. It was plated a bit like sashimi, which is a good thing in my book any day.

Hannah, who loves all things mushroom, went for the mushroom à la Grecque.

We chatted, laughed and savoured our food, gotta make the most of it when you’re a student! The waiters then swished out and brought our mains.

The seared sea-bass with an apricot soy-glaze was excellent. Rupert looked rather pleased!

Mine was the roasted young lemon chicken.

I loved the roasted garlic on the side, much to the disgust of the others. Let's just say I didn't smell of roses by the end. We were pretty stuffed by this point, but this didn’t stop us from indulging in puss…

Han had the orange cake, which I wouldn’t order again to be honest.

Since I’ve got such a sweet tooth, I had to go for the Eton Mess. Not your classic version, but I loved the slightly tart jelly and the shards of meringue on top.

When we were finishing up, head chef Scott Melvin made his rounds, which was a nice end to the meal. It was a great start to Restaurant Week, and if this is anything to go by, I’ll be a lot heavier by the end of the week!

Tomorrow I’m heading to Yi Long Court at the very beautiful Peninsula Hotel. Check out what I ate here.


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