9 March 2012

Wei Jing Ge 蔚景閣 // Shanghai

Word got around about all the restaurants we were gorging at trying out, that a few more of us decided to tag along.

Maybe it was a bit more than a few…

After having such a great meal at Yi Long Court, I was really looking forward to another Chinese meal for day 4 of Restaurant Week.

We were all impressed by the hotel, the rather grand Waldorf Astoria. It’s nothing like its NY counterpart, though you can hardly complain!

Before I get onto the food, I just want to show you the restaurant because it’s so pretttyyy.

Once we sat down, the waiters poured us all cups of pu’er tea (普洱茶), one of the best I’ve had since being here in Shanghai. Though it was probably to prepare us for the next six courses to come!

Always a fan of dim sum, we started off with an assorted platter.

Next up was fish soup with radish and seaweed. It’s very traditional to have soup at the beginning, as it’s supposed to work up your appetite. I’m sure mum would also tell me it’s very good for my health!

A Shanghainese delicacy and my favourite of all the dishes was hongshao rou (红烧肉), or braised pork with egg in soy sauce. The pork was divine. Enough said. It’s made with dizzying amounts of sugar and fat, which definitely did not help my waistline, especially after the week I had!

We then had sautéed beancurd with yellow croaker. I love beancurd (unlike some of the others) but I found the sauce a bit heavy for my taste.

We were all suffering from bloated stomachs by this point, so the veggies were a refreshing break.

That didn’t stop us from eating the next (and final) course. Can you really blame us? The waiters swished out with noodle soup and shredded pork. Honestly? I don’t remember this much, What kind of food blogger am I? Though it does look pretty good...

At this point I have to give props to the service. While we were chattering away, the restaurant had emptied out a good hour before us, but they patiently waited even though we were done. Our waiter even joked around when we (embarrassingly) handed over 15 kuai’s worth of RMB 1 coins. Am I in China?

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to El Willy (and I can’t wait!), read about my experience here.

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