7 March 2012

Yi Long Court 逸龍閣 // Shanghai

I might be Eurasian but my tummy is truly Cantonese.

I LOVE dim sum. I could literally eat it every day for the rest of my life. Ok maybe not that much, but I could eat it a lot! So it’s no surprise I chose dim sum for day 2 of Restaurant Week.

This time round, we headed to Yi Long Court. I was very excited since it’s the home of the Michelin star chef, Tang Chi Keung.

It’s based at the Peninsula, which brings back memories of a childhood in Hong Kong. I remember gorgeous breakfasts and cappuccino foam (coffee tastes disgusting to any 5 year old kid), and getting excited by a TV in the bath (so much so I stayed in watching cartoons until all my fingers and toes became wrinkly).

Yi Long Court was no disappointment. The restaurant was so spacious that for a moment we all forgot we were still in Shanghai. We had mini stools for our handbags and were given warm towels for our hands. It’s as good a start you can get in any restaurant!

But let’s be honest, you’re reading this for the food. So let’s dive in!

We started off with a dim sum combo: a crab dumpling, a turnip puff and a barbeque pork puff. All amazing, especially the fried puffs since they were flaky and not too oily.

Next came my favourite of all Chinese soups, hot and sour soup. The taste is kind of hard to describe, it’s spicy and slightly vinegary with bits of vegetables and seafood in it. That probably doesn't sound enticing to you at all, but it’s good, I promise!

We then had pan-fried cod in light soy sauce. It was surprisingly light (for fried fish), and wasn’t too big so I still had room for the next few courses. That, or I’m a greedy pig Eurasian.

There was also another option of an Australian beef rib in yakiniku sauce, which was very very tender.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from the next dish, Fukien fried rice with duck and mushrooms. Sure, fried rice is great with other stuff, but by itself? Boy did Tang Chi Keung prove me wrong. Now I know why he got that Michelin star of his. We had instructions to mix in the sauce at the table, so it wouldn't become soggy during the trip from the kitchen.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, this was SO delicious and by far my favourite of all the courses.

Last up, pudding! Garbanzo beans, ginkgos and lily bulbs in syrup. A bit too sweet even with my sweet tooth, but I enjoyed the petit four on the side.

Amazing food, service (the waiters smiled which deserves a mention in Shanghai), and views of the Pudong skyline. Thanks Yi Long Court, as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, I’ll be back!

…And we were, quite literally, the next day. Sir Elly's also at Peninsula was our destination for day 3 of Restaurant Week.


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