18 April 2012

Shanghai Fashion Week

What girl doesn’t want to go to Fashion Week?

So when my social butterfly of a friend Cathy invited us to go to a show, naturally we (Hillary, Majka and I) said yes.

We all know about Milan and New York, but how about Shanghai?

This edition was the Autumn/Winter collection, and a panoply of local and foreign designers were showcasing their clothes in Xintiandi.

The highlight of the week was Agnes B, which unfortunately we missed. This show was by Seven Days, a Chinese based multi-brand store.

We started with a few drinks (we couldn’t resist), and browsed around the sponsors…

…and then the show started!

Some bold colours were paraded to begin with, but the tone soon descended to more minimalistic, earthy hues.

At the end, the designers came out to take a well deserved bow.

Not a bad way to spend an evening!


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