22 June 2014

A View from Above

Ready, set, jet!

I’ve been waiting for this moment all year. FINALLY the time has come, my 21 years of education is over. That's exactly 1096 weeks, 7670 days or 184,082 hours... eek!

What now? I'm going travelling for three months. Woohoo!

I’m travelling to quite a few places – my itinerary is PACKED – so instead of listing it all out here, where frankly there's no way you’ll remember, you can keep up with my travels on my map here

My parents had done enough travelling/shopping this year to bag free British Airway tickets to NYC on business class. So I thought I’d give you a... view from above.

A kir royale to begin with, not a bad way to start my travels.

Though we all know that I'm not as graceful as I try to be!

Mum was happy as she spotted her name (Fan)

And then we were off

There's not much you can do on planes except eat, sleep, and if you're like me, watch all the films you can back-to-back. So... food it is!

It was only a 7 hour flight, so we had lunch and afternoon tea was served a few hours later.

We started off with a rather nice crayfish timbale.

Then we had chicken and rice machbous, which tasted about as good as it looks.

I love any citrus pie so was quite happy with my lemon tart.

Mum's an absolute ice cream addict (but still stays enviously skinny) so the air hostess gave her FOUR pots... all of which she promptly finished.

After a few hours and raiding the kitchen of all the packs of apple slices with strawberry & guava dip (it's so so good and from Waitrose, but annoyingly you can only get them on BA), they served up cream tea.

It's my last taste of England for the next 3 months!

Sooner than I thought we had arrived in NYC (I actually had to look at my watch to check it had been 7 hours). And the sight that greeted us was...

This was hardly going to dampen my mood, the holidays had begun!


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