22 June 2014

Boss Burgers // Leeds

Boss burgers are… well… boss.

We had just finished an exam and were absolutely starving. Like hungry pandas (it was a Chinese exam), food was the only thing on our minds.

I've heard about this place and been wanting to try it out. Even though I've been on a health kick recently (which is almost impossible during exams), this was a bit of a slip up. But boy, was the slip up worth it!

There are only six burgers on the menu, but it doesn’t make picking one any easier. Aleks went for the Moozadell...

...and I went all out with the meatiest possible, the Smokeback.

Each burger comes with their own sticker which is quite neat.

Golden brioche buns and juicy patties, can you ask for more?

While I was busy snapping away on Alek's phone (like a great blogger, I had forgotten a camera), Aleks had got stuck into his...

...and obviously enjoyed it!

The Boss Burger Bros source their beef locally (all 3 cuts of it!) and just season it with the classic duo salt + pepper.

We couldn't resist sharing sweet potato chips and happily dipped them away in bbq sauce.

Boss Burgers is a great little establishment located in Hyde Park that also does free takeaways (if you can't be bothered to get off your couch), click here for deets.


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