22 June 2014

Goodbye LS6 // Leeds

Exams were FINALLY over, and it was also the day before I left Leeds. What better way to celebrate and say goodbye than over brunch!

Hannah suggested LS6, which is round the corner from where I lived (not surprisingly, in LS6). It's actually only the second time I've been, terrible I know since I lived so close.

We started off with a round of drinks - not like that - it was only brunch! Rosa was very happy with her California sunrise (or the less exotically named orange and cranberry juice)

Us girls decided to all go for the huevos rancheros with chorizo and fried halloumi. I know, it's a bit unadventurous... but just look at that, can you really blame us?

It was actually (surprisingly) my first taste of halloumi, and now I'm a convert.

What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?

... sorry.

ANYWAY, Elliot went for something from the other side of the world, pita bread and hummus.

It's quite a cool café, with loads of bits and bobs scattered around.

You also have the option to sit at one of their booths, which Elliot went ahead and modelled for us

...then Hannah and I (a poor attempt on my end) joined in

I'm going to miss these girls (and guy, sorry Elliot) when I head off on my travels, see you in 3 months!

OK, I couldn't resist to add this bit in.

Hannah very kindly offered to drop me off at the sports centre for a squash sesh I had with a friend. In the car she shared a little nugget of wisdom: her customised sunglasses which she snapped up from SunGod. They're selling these polaroid babies for... wait for it... £35. I'm going to have to grab a pair before I head off!

This was my attempt to snap a pic through her lenses and navigate at the same time. Both didn't turn out so well.


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