22 June 2014

Shake Shack // New York

There’s more shakes here than you can shake a stick at. But we weren’t here for that. We were here to shack up with their other halves, the burgers.

We had just got off the plane, and checked in at our hotel in Times Square. I dragged my very unwilling excited parents over to Madison Square Park (not to be confused with Madison Square Garden which I soon realised halfway!)

We didn't see the naked cowboy (is he even real?) but we spotted some All-American cowgirls...

And passed what was soon to be our favourite shop in this city

They're supposed to be the best burgers in town and I heard it was Shake Shack’s 10th anniversary. To celebrate they concocted a burger with a different chef in NYC every day of the week.

Today, it was the Humm burger. The chef behind this? Daniel Humm, from Eleven Madison Park (a four-star, three-Michelin, ranked-fourth-in-the-world restaurant). Now do you get my excitement?


The Humm burger is basically a truffle burger, or specifically a “beef-blend Gruyère cheeseburger topped with all-natural applewood smoked bacon, celery relish, Bibb lettuce, truffle mayo and shaved fresh black truffle.” Whew. But doesn’t it look good!

Unfortunately they had ran out by the time we arrived.

Shake Shack Anniversary Menu

Dominique Ansel was giving out free cake that he whipped up. He's the mastermind behind the cronut (if you haven’t heard of it, your stomach is thanking you right now, so skip the next bit). It’s a cross between a glazed doughnut and a croissant and New Yorkers are obsessed with them.

But the queue was absolutely insane. It went around the stage and spiralled out the park! Worth it? I don’t know. But the parents didn’t think so, jet lag was setting in and so was hunger.

Shake Shack queue New York
Shake Shack queue New York

So we joined the wait for the burgers… which happened to be one hour. But I really couldn’t complain, we had grabbed a few pints from their keg.

We found out how committed New Yorkers were to food when it started raining and all the umbrellas popped up.

Then it stopped again, and eating went on as usual.

It's certainly one of the prettiest food stands I've been to!

We finally got to the front of the queue and were given these enthusiastic little devices for our wait for food.

They don't look pretty, but don't be fooled. There's a reason why everyone waits an hour for these puppies!

Dad went for the original ShackBurger.

Shake Shack Shack Burger

Mum had the Smoke Shack - you can't go wrong with bacon in a burger! I doubled it up for her, which makes it SO much better.

Shake Shack Smoke Shack

But mine trumped them all, and it's as naughty as you can get at Shake Shack... a two-in-one burger, their signature Shack Stack. It's mushroom was crisp to perfection, but it was the sauce that blew me away, at that moment I wished I had room for another!

Shake Shack Shack Stack

We all had shakes to go with it, which they call frozen custard. I only managed to finish half of mine (peanut butter, naturally). It was so rich and so creamy!

Of course we also had to have a side of cheesy chips.

After a much needed meal, we headed back to Times Square.

And passed this guy by Bryant Park

It was probably good that we had a bit of a walk ahead of us, we needed it!


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