26 June 2014

Smorgasburg // New York

Lobster rolls, ice lollies (or should I say popsicles), sunshine and the Manhattan skyline. Can you really ask for more?

We had just finished a whistle stop tour of the Statue of Liberty and headed over to Smorgasburg. The coolest way to get there is by East River Ferry, as you'll get to see all of this...

Brooklyn Bridge

The Williamsburg Bridge

I've seen this bustling food market on the Food Network (multiple times), so it was a must visit. I dragged along the fam for a sunny day out.

I'm giving you a bit of a warning now... Don't read this if you're hungry. There's a smorgasbord of tasty treats ahead!

We started off at Milk Truck. I can never resist a bit of cheesy goodness. The queue gives you a bit of an idea just how good it was.

I went for a classic with a twist.

We then headed over to Red Hook Lobster Pound. Let me just tell you it was the BEST lobster roll we had in the US, even after going to Boston.

Served on a warm brioche bun, it can make the grumpiest of Scrooges smile. Just look at how much lobster they piled on!

I was obviously happy quite happy about this.

There was a girl in the queue behind me and I (quite unashamedly) asked to take a photo of her food.

She was completely fine with it - only in America, eh? - and held out a fish burger with plantain chips.

Doesn't it look good?

I didn't have room for this, as I had a list of all the places I wanted to try (quite literally). Yes, I'm slightly food obsessed, sue me.

We then headed over to this sticky stand.

Felix, Angelina's brother, was able to join us today. I haven't seen him since he (and I) were kids! How he's grown...

I went for mango sticky rice (which tastes of Thailand), and Angelina had the yummiest coconut chicken. I had a bit of food envy and took more than my fare share.

The next stop was BFC from the famous Buttermilk Channel. They're thought to be the best chicken and waffle joint in NYC.
I'm afraid that the combo just isn't for me.

But the fried chicken is mighty good! Angelina was just too cool to show it...

By now, you're probably thinking that we're all little piglets.

But we were only halfway through! I was doing a little technique where I had a bite of each thing, and passed it onto my parents.

Even so, we needed a bit of a break so we sat on the grass and chilled, chatted and laughed.

If you're wondering why half of these photos are great, and the other half rubbish, it's because Kevin had joined us this afternoon (you met him and Angelina here) and he kindly let me include his photos.

We dragged him into this shot as he's so often behind the camera instead of in front of it!

If you haven't yet checked out his website, you need to! The photography is amazing.

After our little break, we went back to the food. Felix had previously eaten a Japanese taco. They're obsessed with tacos here in the States, and they're in abundance at Smorgaburg.

Although this wasn't on my list, I couldn't resist a plate of nachos from these guys.

In the meantime, Angelina had gotten her mitts on this burger.

She proceeded to show us just how good it was.

Oh the perils of being a blogger...

...and a photographer (Kevin was taking a booking for a shoot, as you do)

We passed this guy, at Brooklyn Oyster Party, shucking oysters. We thought it would be nice to get it for the rents. They had been rather patient with the staggering of food we sent their way.

Then we just continued to gorge ourselves.

Not surprisingly, we were all pretty stuffed by this point. So this (finally) was our last stop.

People's Pops make fresh fruit ice lollies which only consist of puréed fruit. Naturally, slightly missing England, we went for strawberry and rhubarb.

Of course, being in America, tips were in order. I found it a bit strange since we were at a market, but maybe that's just me.

Here are a few cool ones we found.

Smorgasburg offers a fantastic day out.

The only regret was that Mighty Quinn's (that does the BEST BBQ in town) had sold out by the time we arrived. It was so good that even the other vendors were talking about it!

Well, if the food hasn't convinced you to come here yet, just take a look at the view you'll be treated with...

Or maybe not.

There's a few Smorgasburd's scattered around NYC, but the one in Williamsburg is by far the best, which is every Saturday. It's worth coming in the summer so you'll be out here rather than indoors.


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