24 June 2014

Statue of Liberty // New York

You can’t exactly go to New York, without visiting the Statue of Liberty.

We decided to skip the tourist route and take the Staten Island Ferry which offers a free ride from Manhattan with a view of the lady and her torch.

If you’re not so into playing tourist, hop on over to my next post at Smorgasburg, which was our next stop.

The sky was buzzing with helicopters, for all the tourists who wanted to get a bit of a better view. Though I’m not sure this was one of them.

With salty air whooshing through our hair

We soon realised that we were on the wrong side of the boat!

Nearing the end of the journey, I spotted the US Coastguard. A bit scary since they had a machine gun attached to their inflatable boat. One slip of the finger and we’d have been toast!

Arriving at Staten Island, we realised we didn’t have much time before meeting up with Angelina and her family, so we turned around, and headed straight back onto the ferry back to Manhattan. So this is all we really saw of the island.

Though we did choose the right side this time round!

I wouldn't mind being on that yacht right about now.

And managed to get a few snaps in just before a ferry blocked our view.

But I soon realised that the zoom in my SLR was absolutely rubbish.

Although I couldn’t resist taking a picture through my new polaroids from SunGod.

I did manage to snap some rather good shots of the Manhattan skyline though.


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