23 June 2014

The City that Never Sleeps // New York

A great thing about New York is that I have family here.

My cousin Angelina invited me for supper with a couple of friends at Bonchon, a Korean fried chicken place - I know, I've never heard of such a thing either - before we headed out into the night.

Her friends Achim and Kevin, just happened to be photographers (check out Kevin's rather impressive website here) and I ended up taking a lot more photos than planned.

Ok, I didn't really plan on taking any, so I ended up using my iPad, hence the fuzzy photos (though I think it gives it a bit more character, don't you?)

We wondered around a bit in Times Square...

...Before we heading over to Fifth Avenue.

I had (unsurprisingly) forgotten to bring my laptop charger, so the other three directed me to a glass cube. More specifically, an Apple store that is open 24/7. How crazy is that?!

Naturally, we left our mark

And travelled up their glass lift (sorry, I should really say elevator now shouldn't I?)

We passed this pipe emitting smoke from under the road. I'm not quite sure what they are, but they're dotted all over the city!

Of course, all of us were a bit snap happy, so we played around with it a bit (choking ourselves in the process).

Kevin tried to get Angelina and I to pose.

Though Angelina did a much better job than I did!

We ended the night at Central Park.

This globe kind of reminds me of Clark Kent/Superman!

Of course, being a tourist, I was made to pose for a photo.

Then Angelina joined in...

...and so did Kevin.

I managed to snap Achim unaware

On our way home, nearly all the stores we passed were still open. I couldn't get over the fact that people were shopping at H&M near to 1am! New York really is the city that never sleeps.

Angelina dragged me into a nearby supermarket and introduced me to the best tasting M&M's I've ever had... Pretzel M&M's. Instead of a plain or nut filling, it had pretzel inside of it. A perfect combo of salty and sweet!

And then I tried birthday cake M&M's...

It was literally chocolate cake INSIDE an M&M.

They have a ton more flavours here in the US: coconut, mint, crisped rice... you name it, they have it. By the looks of it, I'm going to have to visit M&M World soon!


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