2 July 2014

Chiiiinatown // New York

There was no way I was going to New York without visiting Chinatown. You are talking to an Eurasian after all!

A childish one at that.

In my humble opinion, this has to be the best Chinatown EVER. Well, at least the best we've ever come across, and trust me, we've been to plenty. It's literally a slice of China in Manhattan.

I mean, even their Maccy D's is in Chinese!

I came across this guy chopping up durian. It's a fruit that's so smelly that even airlines ban you from taking it onboard. Typically, I think it tastes great, that is if you can get over the smell.

It was also Father's Day. Naturally, he got to pick what he wanted to do. And that was Jing Fong, one of New York's top dim sum spots.

Don't get fooled by the outside, we're totally here for the food. But if you're a party of less than, say six, you better be expecting to share your table with someone else!

We didn't quite expect the queue to be an hour long. And they obviously like teasing you while you wait.

It was too much.

In the meantime, we grabbed a few bubble teas around the corner at the rather appropriately named Bubbly.

They make theirs a bit differently as they add evaporated milk. As you can tell, I was quite happy with my one with extra coconut.

Feeling fuller than we should've (always go to dim sum on an empty stomach), we headed back and up their escalators anticipating the meal to come.

I certainly didn't expect what faced us.

It's literally like a one of those traditional dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong. But this was a MAHUSIVE version, and I was only standing in the middle.

Ladies wheel carts around the restaurant, and you select what you want off them. They then stamp a card you have on the table to tally up at the end.

If you're not sure what to order in a dim sum restaurant, take this as a rough guide. It includes all the classics like Siu Mai.

Har gao, which was particularly good here. You can tell by how thin the skin is around the prawns.

Tofu skin, which is basically a dumpling wrapped in... well, tofu skin.

And if you're daring enough, chicken feet in black bean sauce!

I absolutely love them, so try them before you write them off (and try not to think that they're chicken feet in the process).
They have a ton of collagen, so you'll get less wrinkles when you're older! Though I'm not sure if I quite believe that or not.

Rice rolls of any kind, they all taste great. Just make sure they're extra generous with the sweet soy sauce! These little sausages are called zhaliang, which contain fried dough.

A plate of veg is always a good call. Got to get one of your five a day y'know!

Last but certainly not least, is the king of all dim sum and my favourite of them all: charsiu bao.

Doesn't it look beautiful? They're soft fluffy buns that encase BBQ pork.

Nom nom nom!

And dad likes them just as much as me.

Did I mention I was a bit childish?

Jing Fong is a great dim sum hotspot, and it's definitely worth the wait. We came for Sunday lunch, which is probably its busiest time. They also do a pretty amazing deal on weekdays, where all dishes are $2.

Bit of advice: come hungry and with a large group. You'll get your own table then, and you'll get to try more! Not that that stopped us...


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