7 July 2014

Cycling Central Park // New York

There's nothing like spending a day surrounded by a bit of greenery when the sun's out. And there's nowhere else on Manhattan island quite like Central Park.
It was only a short walk from the hotel.
We passed these well known guys, though I was too full from breakfast to try them out (shocking, I know).
Aren't these the biggest nerds you've ever seen?
We saw so many stars and stripes you wouldn't believe.
Seen enough yet? Alright, let's head over to Central Park. It looked very different to the other night.
I also spotted the Superman's Daily Planet globe again. And more importantly, a froyo truck parked next to it.
No, the guy in pink doesn't work for them.
We hired some bikes and off we went.
When you spot this guy, pull on your brakes and hop off.
As you'll get a view of this.
We hopped off again when we saw one of America's favourite pastimes.
With the wind in our hair, and sun smiling down on us, we couldn't have asked for anything better.
...until we turned the corner.
We had wanted to cycle the easier path, but us being us, we had missed the turning. Judging by the looks on the faces of other tourists, so had they. This path was only for the cyclists with serious bikes. You know, the ones that look like they had come from the Olympics?
No pictures here, I was too busy trying to survive the hill.
Though we soon rejoined the main path and enjoyed a spot of sightseeing again.
Spot the tourist!
Hiring a bike is so worth it if it's sunny, just don't make the mistake we did! Otherwise, just find a spot on the grass, and enjoy the view.
Or you can always opt for a ride on a four legged friend.


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