4 August 2014

#Five Favourites: July

I know it's the beginning of August...

But I couldn't resist sharing my favourites from July. So without further ado:

#1 Coconut oil

This rather unassuming jar is commonly used in cooking, but it has made me a little bit (coco)nutty.

I'm absolutely obsessed with this stuff.


I brought coconut oil as my 'luxury item' whilst backpacking, and haven't looked back since. I used it as face cream, body cream, make up remover, hair serum... quite literally a travel beauty hack!

To get the most health benefits, you'll want to get the raw, organic and unrefined (or virgin) form.

If the photo wasn't a giveaway, I use the one by Biona. But if you're in the States, Trader Joe's does a jolly good one too.

#2 Desert at twilight

This month, I went to Huacachina. It's an oasis in the middle of the Peruvian desert.

We went camping on the sand dunes one night. There was a crackling fire, meaty barbecue, strums of a guitar strings, shots of pisco (seriously awful strong alcohol) and lots of laughter.

An absolute haven.

#3 Summertime cycling

A picture as they say, says a thousand words. Imagine the sun shining down and the wind whooshing through your hair.

A perfect summertime moment.

#4 Flowers from a friend

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but they're always there"

When I cut my trip short from South America (a bit of a debacle that involved a broken foot), I was naturally feeling rather down.

My very lovely friend Hannah who you met here, sent this beautiful surprise to my doorstep, and it fondly reminded me of the quote above.

#5 Love your jewellery

I came across this jewellery dish by Oliver Bonas and fell in love. And um... maybe this one too. They're so delicate and perfect for little trinkets. I always lose earrings and end up with odd pairs, so where better (or prettier) place to keep them?


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